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Folio Submission Guide


If you’re looking to submit to Folio, this post will serve as a comprehensive guide regarding how to do so.

Folio classifies submissions as falling under four categories: poetry, fiction, memoir/creative non-fiction, and artwork. To begin the submission process, you should start by determining which genres your works fall under. A single submitter can submit works in multiple genres.

Your next step should be to create a cover sheet for each genre. This document should be a single sheet that lists your name, your student ID, your mailing address, your telephone number, your Southern email address, the genre you’re submitting in, and a list of titles for each work within that genre. If you’re submitting in multiple genres, make one cover sheet for each genre. Title each cover sheet “Cover Sheet (Genre).”

Accompanying this sheet should be your actual submissions. They should be in a separate document, and if you’re submitting in multiple genres, make a document compiling the works of each separate genre. The works should be in Times New Roman 12 point font, and should be saved as a .docx file. Title each work “Submission(Genre)(Last Name)(First Name).” For example, “SubmissionArtSmithJane.” Do not place your name anywhere inside the document.

We ask that an individual submitter not submit more than six poems for consideration, no more than three works of fiction totaling more than 25 pages, and no more than two works of creative non-fiction totaling more than 20 pages.

For artwork, there is no individual limit on the number of submissions. These documents should be uploaded as attachments, and the cover sheet should include a short description of each piece of artwork. This description should include the medium and dimensions of the work.

To submit, you can send your cover sheet/s and submission/s to Additionally, you can submit digitally using this submission form.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to at any time!

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